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Automobile Insurance

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You can buy auto insurance just about anywhere these days. Wherever you go, you are likely to get the standard package for a basic cost. If you choose Hartzell Insurance, we can offer you one of the most suitable auto car insurance and coverage options for greater protection and less worrying. We’ll supplement your personal auto policy with a coverage endorsement at no additional cost. This endorsement provides additional coverage not included in typical auto policies from other companies. Our endorsement coverage includes:

Automobile Insurance
    • Double Medical Payment Coverage
    • Supplemental Death Benefit
      • Automatic Rental Reimbursement Coverage
      • Increased Special Limits and other valuable coverages

In addition to no added charge enhanced coverages Hartzell Insurance also offers additional personal auto coverage through the optional Ultra Plus Endorsement.

Ultra Plus Endorsement

      • Cellular Phone Coverage
      • Excess Towing Expense
      • Lockout Assistance / Key Replacement
        • Loan / Lease “Gap Coverage”
        • Increased Special Limits and other valuable coverages
        • Claims Service

We understand the importance of knowing that you’ll be able to reach your insurance provider immediately following an accident. Your Hartzell Insurance agent will handle your claim quickly, properly, and professionally. We have made claim management a cornerstone of our customer service, and it has earned us a reputation for being one of the most successful regional agencies in settling claims.

That’s why we offer our ANYTIME 24-hour claims reporting service. You can report your accident to a representative who will make sure that your information is processed and that our adjuster contacts you by the end of the next business day.

In the event that you have to report a tragic accident or loss – that is, your home is uninhabitable, you or a family member is hospitalized, or a death has occurred – our on-call adjuster will most likely contact you within an hour from when you reported the claim – and if not, some time before the end of the day.

For more information about how our auto insurance policies can save you money, call us at 215-997-5800.

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