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Business Insurance

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At Hartzell Insurance Associates We specialize in all types of Business Insurance. There is no Business size too large or too small. Let us tailor a policy specific to your business needs.

The size of your business should not reflect the level of your coverage.

At Hartzell Insurance, we understand that the business insurance needs of small commercial organizations are the same as those of bigger companies. By tailoring insurance and coverage to the needs of each individual business, we make sure that superior coverage based on need trumps the size of your company.

Business Insurance

Through Pennsylvania business insurance, Hartzell Insurance Associates, Inc. can help you save money on a whole host of Workers Compensation issues from returning workers programs to property and liability coverage among many others.

The size of your company doesn’t matter; the coverage you have depends upon the type of policy you have. We offer the same level of quality and service for all business insurance needs at the best price for your commercial organization.

In addition to coverage tailored to you alone, you can rest assured that we will be providing the same superior coverage and advisement that we provide to our largest business clients. No matter what type of business you have—whether it is in the retail, service, or office sector—you’ll get superior protection and claim service along with peace-of-mind that it fits your specific needs and budget. Most importantly, our business insurance plans can provide equal coverage to your business structure as well as employee matters.

Finding Commercial Insurance to Suit Your Needs

No two businesses are the same. We offer a range of commercial insurance policy and coverage options for all types of businesses, including contractors, bars and restaurants, trucking companies, taxi and limousine services, and many other industries regardless of size. We can assist small businesses in getting on their feet, or large and established companies who are looking for a better policy. Our commercial insurance coverage includes liability, workers compensation, environmental and pollution, and other types of coverage depending on your needs. We are able to seek out plans with highly unique benefits that are a boon to your business. Our commercial insurance coverage options cover both the business end and employee matters equally, so you as the business owner can rest assured.

At Hartzell Insurance, we represent a diverse number of business markets.

Some of Our Commercial Insurance Offerings :

    • Small Businesses insurance
    • Bars & Restaurants insurance
    • Contractors insurance
      • Insurance for Limousine and Taxi Companies
      • Insurance for Trucking Companies

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