Why Hartzell

Why Hartzell?

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Hartzell Insurance Assoc. has been servicing businesses in Pennsylvania for nearly three decades and is dedicated to providing our clients with the respect and professionalism they deserve. Our highly experienced employee benefits staff is focused on providing the best service possible for our clients while managing one of the most important aspects to your employees, their health care needs.

Why Hartzell

Our philosophy is simple; through our customer service expertise we will be able to keep your employees happy and focused on their work while relieving them of the worries of dealing directly with the insurance company. Our dedication to your business needs means we will provide you with the best direction to sift through the endless maze of information from the insurance companies, providing you with the available choices and keeping your insurance premiums affordable.

Our services are of No Cost to you and include:

For Your Business:

  • Premium savings
  • Annual review of plans and available carriers
  • Financial and benefit analyses
  • Cobra compliance
  • Section 125 administration
  • Administrative and human resource assistance
  • Enrollment
  • Terminations
  • Billing
  • Claims

    For Your Employees:

    Why Hartzell
      • Resolution of claims and bills
      • ID card assistance
      • Benefit questions
      • Doctor and address changes
      • Wellness information

      Our experienced staff will help you put together the best possible benefits package for your employees including:

      • Medical
      • Indemnity
      • PPO
      • POS
      • HMO
      • Fully Insured Plans
      • Self Funded Plans
      • Ancillary
      • Group Life
      • Disability, Short and Long Term
      • Dental
      • Vision
      • Long Term Care

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